The Best Wedding Trends of 2018

The Best Wedding Trends of 2018

2017 was the year that trends really became more personalized and better than ever! Some create the wow factor that every bride is looking for and some are perfect for that little personal touch each bride hopes to have. The best thing is that many of these trends haven’t died just yet and are making their way into 2018! Each of these trends can be done on a budget or you could ball out, whatever it takes to make it your own and fit your big day!

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 Green! And we’re not talking about money.

Greenery has made a HUGE comeback in 2017! We are getting back to the natural look and feel when it comes to weddings. (And it’s cheaper!) It can be adding some garland down a staircase to adding other natural pieces, like wood, to your tables. The best part about greenery is that it goes with literally everything!

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Grand exits!

It’s not just flower petals and sparklers anymore friends! Unexpected, outrageous, and unforgettable exits are becoming more and more common. Motorcyle rides, horse drawn carriages, helicopters galore! Or even having fireworks along the road that shoot off as you drive away! Each better than the rest! Some venues are more peculiar about what you can do with exits, so for a twist, do a grand entrance! Honestly, it’s just for the photo opportunity, so whatever works and fits best into your day!


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Mobile Meals!

The sit-down meal is quickly being replaced by more interactive meals, such as buffets or food trucks. Food trucks are trending everywhere and they have made their way into the wedding industry. They are usually much cheaper options and they are so fun! Buffets are just easy, simple as that!

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 Asking for gifts you actually want!

Registering is one of the most fun and exciting moments for a couple during the engagement season! It’s becoming more and more common to register for things and gifts you actually want! (Which is really awesome and makes TOTAL sense!) There are now ways you can have your honeymoon paid for via your registry. It’s more common to ask for cash or money to put towards something big! You can even have a charity registry now, where they can donate to a charity of your choice. You can also ask for experiences, such as massages, season passes, etc. The normal registry gifts, like pots and pans, are still trendy but not you can do both!

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Games and Fun for your guests!

A big trend over the past few years has been having games during the cocktail hour or throughout the night. The games can range from outdoor yard games to Madlibs to fill out at each table to having a camera scavenger hunt for each guest to participate in! It’s not just drinks and eats anymore! Even if you can’t afford something like this, doing a more interactive cocktail bar would work, such as a coffee bar, s’mores bar, or candy bar.

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 Unique Wedding “Cakes”

As a wedding industry, it’s not just cakes anymore. There is everything from cutting the pizza instead of cake, having a donut wall, ice cream, or even serving pie. Cupcakes are also a huge trend right now for weddings and super easy to serve. Nothing Bundt Cake is also coming up on the rise for wedding cakes now! Wedding cakes are very expensive and this is a alternate way to have dessert without all the hassle of cutting, serving, and paying a lot of cha-ching for something some people don’t even eat.

Floral-less Table Décor

It is a budget friendly and unique twist to use items other than floral as your table decor. This is become a huge trend and shall I mention again, budget friendly! You can use bottles, mason jars, wood pieces, terrariums, books, honestly the list is endless. It’s an easy way to make your wedding unique and YOU! You can always add floral, or greenery like mentioned earlier, to any of these décor items as well!

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Floating Floral!

Weddings may be moving from floral décor on the tables because there is a new way to incorporate them for a more unique element! Hanging floral installations has become the new wow factor of 2017! It is beautiful on the eyes and adds that pop every bride is looking for on their big day! You can play with different heights to make it your own. The best part about it is that it leaves plenty of space on your tables for whatever your heart desires, candles, more floral décor, greenery, or bigger plates!

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 Metallic Accents!

Metallic accents, such as copper, are making a comeback! Metallic bridesmaid dresses, décor accents, chairs, anything you can dream of as a metallic. Metallic lanterns with candles reflecting the light or using copper mugs or cutlery! It’s a cheaper way to incorporate an accent that brings more class than cost!


Congratulations on your engagement! We hope this helps you brainstorm and makes wedding planning a little bit easier! Remember that whatever is trendy to you is prefect! Run with your own ideas and embrace your style! These tips are just there to offer some help and guidance!

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